Slappy and Sticky

Puppet Live-action

There’s nothing like a bit of brotherly love… well, maybe not. Because high up in the hollow tree-top, live a pair of troublesome snakes called Slappy and Sticky. Always up to their antics, these brothers are infamous for causing problems for each other. Nonetheless, when they finally come to their senses, they collaborate to reach a peaceful resolution. That is until the next time, and the next and the time after, which makes you want to say “For goodness snakes, will you behave!” See, it only takes a minute to learn to get along. Sibling rivalry will never be the same again once you’ve watched “Slappy and Sticky”.

Format: 52 x 6 mins
Target: 3-9 years
Medium: Puppet/ Live-action
Year of production: 2011
Now available: Trailer