The Great Inventors

The Great Inventors


Long before the Einsteins, Newtons and Da Vincis were born, long before the human brain even evolved, a gang of pre-historic inventors set about to change life as they knew it. Although their only needs involved food, shelter and well, reproduction, their great inventions, flawed as they were, had a considerable role in the evolution of mankind itself. How were they supposed to know the wheel had to be round, or that the airplane should be able to land?

Join the three inventors as they stumble, crash, stumble some more and succeed with an invention every episode.

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Set in the pre-historic era, the episodes follow the three main characters, the Great Inventors, as they go about discovering something new each episode, with some fact and lots of fiction.

Primary characters

Edgar the Odd One

The self-proclaimed leader and brains (relatively) of the three Great Inventors.
You really can’t blame Edgar. The human brain hadn’t evolved much and he was doing the best he could with what little he had. Always at odds with the so called “way of life”, Edgar is determined to make life easier, better and faster. And it’s important to remember, it’s his bumbling ideas that actually lead to a discovery/invention in the process. Like all geniuses of their time, Edgar is eccentric, absent-minded and easily irritable. But he does love his wife dearly, to whom he dedicates most of his attempts at invention.

Arnold the Ever Ready

The second Great Inventor, he plays the role of the all-important human guinea pig.
At first, to the untrained eye, Arnold seems quite out of place among the Great Inventors. Yet, somehow he always proves himself to be quite indispensable to the trio. It’s only him who’s crazy enough to test out the inventions, even though he’s always bullied into being the guinea pig. More often than not, it’s his inquisitive and clumsy nature that ends up saving the day. Eternally trying to impress the tribeswomen, Arnold seems to be in it for the glory and the fame.

Olga the Giant

The muscles of the trio, without him, nothing much would really get done.
Olga is the quintessential caveman if there ever was one. All brawn and no brains, Olga really is the slowest of the lot. So slow, in fact, that even in all its prehistoric lethargy, the world seems to spin away at a pace too great for him to keep up with. Even so, Olga is integral to the team what with all his strength that can move mountains. Because when they invent the can but not the can opener or the lock, but no key, it’s Olga who comes to the rescue by filling in for what is yet to be discovered.