2D Animation | 52 x 5'

Candy and Toothie

In the enchanted Tooti Frooti Land of chocolate and dreams, lives a cute little girl called Candy and her best friend Toothie. Together Candy and Toothie make the perfect team. Not a day goes by when Candy and Toothie dont help each other learn something new.

Candy & Toothie

Stop-motion | 52 x 11' | HD

The Great Inventors

Long before the Einsteins, Newtons and Da Vincis were born, long before the human brain even evolved, a gang of pre-historic inventors set about to change life as they knew it. Their great inventions, flawed as they were, had a considerable role in the evolution of mankind itself.

The Great Inventors

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Inside Thinxworks

Thinxworks produces IP in Stop-motion, 2D Animation and Live-action puppetry, with the objective of creating world-class properties. We also partner with studios and clients who leverage our services to bring their ideas to completion, also helping them package their programs for global audiences.

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